Press Release
  • June 8, 2018

Producer And Songwriter SKY Is Joined By J BAVLIN And OZUNA On His Debut Single “KARMA”

Latin Grammy Winning Producer And Songwriter SKY Is Joined By J BAVLIN And OZUNA On

KARMA” – His Debut Single & Video Released TODAY


The Top-Two Current YouTube Music Artists In The World Demonstrate Their Love And Support For Their Go To Producer & Songwriter Who Has“Reggaeton’s Midas Touch”.  “KARMA” Marks The Debut Release Of Alejandro“SKY” Ramirez As An Artist, And The First Advance Single From An Upcoming Full Album

“Alejandro Ramirez, also known as the Medellín-born producer Sky Rompiendo el Bajo (or Sky for short), has been by J Balvin’s side throughout his career. His voice even appears on ‘Safari’ …Sky can be credited with lending definition to the sound that the above-ground and underground are seeking in reggaetón. He’s behind that signature reggaetonero Midas touch… with a knack for integrating a more experimental electronic edge…  Sky is a testament to how far Reggaeton’s reach can really extend.” – Remezcla

"Karma" - Sky


“Producer Alejandro Ramírez, also known as Sky Rompiendo el Bajo, is  Balvin’s right-hand man since La Familia…  Ramírez has been essential to curating Balvin’s sojourning sound, which has ambled almost everywhere from hip-hop to house. (“Sky’s taste is crazy,” notes Balvin.) Some in Balvin’s circle have even referred to Ramírez as the “Colombian Calvin Harris” – ‘Rolling Stone

Only in his mid-twenties, SKY [“Rompiendo El Bajo”],real name Alejandro Ramirez is already one of Latin music’s most innovative and sought after producers and songwriters for revolutionizing the sound of reggaeton. Between his Medellin Colombian roots and years living in Miami, he has created a distinctive style- combining the rootsy feel of traditional Latin rhythms, with the beats of American hip-hop over the course of groundbreaking work with J Balvin, Ozuna, Juanes, Karol G, Pharrell and more.

With his latest album production work sitting at #1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart with Balvin’s “VIBRAS” notching Latin music’s biggest first week of the year, Sky now unveils his own first single as an artist with today’s release of “KARMA”. Bringing together both J Balvin and Ozuna on one red hot track, the song is also the first advance single from a full forthcoming album spotlighting the creativity of one of Latin music’s most influential young talents.